About Pathology IMC

The Immune Monitoring Core (IMC) offers a range of services to the UF research community and collaborators, including cutting edge technologies, high end instrumentation, and technical support and expertise in specialized equipment or processes. IMC will serve as a critical infrastructure to facilitate the overall research, service, and educational missions of the institution. The data from the services will result in research publications to accelerate the core research mission of UF and College of Medicine.

The University of Florida has conducted pioneering research into a host of diseases impacting human health. These efforts include studies to identify the underlying molecular pathways controlling diseases and the development of biomarkers of disease and/or therapeutic responses. These discoveries are made possible by the use of standardized precision medicine approaches accounting for patient heterogeneity and unique gene expressions. These precise and targeted approaches to study the candidate genes involved disease pathogenesis will serve the UF search communities as critical infrastructure to facilitate the overall research, service, and educational mission of the institution.

Faculty Director

Dr. Todd Brusko

Dr. Todd Brusko oversees key efforts toward building research and equipment infrastructure to ensure cutting-edge research within the UFDI as well as expansion of research partnerships between UFDI faculty and industry.

Lab Phone: 352-273-9300.. Email: tbrusko@ufl.edu


Publications from IMC

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