The UF IMC Genotyping division offers access to a customized genotyping array that not only specifically covers all currently accepted type 1 diabetes genetic risk markers, but also provides highly-powered genetic coverage of additional markers that either have already been used to study numerous other diseases, or can be used for this purpose. This is a powerful and cost-effective tool that has the capacity to benefit more than just type 1 diabetes researchers, but offers them an unprecedented data stream that is highly sought after in the world.

Genotyping Chip


GEN_001: UFDIchip Genotyping Array

Genotyping using a customized generic array.

GEN_002: Data Analysis I

Analysis of genetic array data using an existing analysis pipeline.

GEN_003: Data Analysis II

Analysis of genetic array data using a custom analysis pipeline.

GEN_004: Consultation I

Staff Scientist consultation on genetic array data.

GEN_005: Consultation II

Faculty consultation on genetic array data.

GEN_006: Additional Sample Processing

Sample dilution if out of range.